I am the Project Coordinator for the California Academy of Science’s involvement in the LEARN CitSci research project. In collaboration with the Natural History Museum of LA, Natural History Museum of London and education research partners in the the UK and US, this project aims to better understand the ways that citizen science can affect and educate youth.

The goal of this project is to create a shareable resource to assist educators and citizen science practitioners in making citizen science a more powerful tool for youth. What aspects of a project are the best in fostering an ability to make change in their community? Which aspects are most effective in educating science content? We hope to answer these questions and share with the community, so that citizen science can become all the more effective in creating the next generation of science leaders!

I received my Bachelors in Biology and Environmental Science at Tufts University, where I focused on ecology. I’m interested in studying the effects of human development on habitat suitability and biodiversity and finding solutions to human-caused environmental degradation. I am passionate about science communication and outreach, especially to youth, and firmly believe that this is one of the most important aspects of environmentalism.

Prior to the Academy, I worked as Environmental Educator for the SF Recreation and Parks Department, where I taught SF youth environmental science, natural history and sustainability practices. I also served as a research assistant to an ongoing project studying the genetic movement of an endangered Hawaiian waterbird, where my interest in citizen science was first sparked!

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Co-Director, Center for Biodiversity and Community Science
Alison Young
Co-Director, Center for Biodiversity and Community Science

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