KQED Teach: Video Production for the Classroom

KQED’s Youth Media Challenges are free, standards-aligned projects that invite secondary students to create media about how they interpret the world around them and envision the future. Engineering for Good asks students to apply the engineering design process to an issue in their community, while Science Documentary prompts students to create an explainer video about a scientific phenomenon in their lives. All student submissions will be featured in an online showcase and select pieces will be highlighted on public media broadcasts and digital channels.

Need more support on bringing a video project to your classroom? Try KQED’s Video Production for the Classroom. You’ll get an intro to video making fundamentals and leave the course with materials you can use in your classroom. The course allows you the flexibility to access the materials at your own pace and comes with personalized instructor feedback!

Video Production for the Classroom
Free, Online Course

January 10 - February 20


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