Muni bus 44 in front of the California Academy of Sciences building.

Located in the heart of San Francisco in beautiful Golden Gate Park, the Academy is easily accessible via public transit, bicycle, rideshare, or car. We encourage sustainable transportation whenever possible. Plan your route with Google Maps.

Transportation alerts:

  • JFK Dr. is closed to cars in Golden Gate Park. You can still access the Music Concourse parking garage via the Fulton St./10th Ave. entrance or the Music Concourse Dr./MLK Dr. entrance. Free street parking is also available on MLK Dr., Nancy Pelosi Dr., and Stow Lake Dr.



The Academy is conveniently located within 10 minutes of four MUNI bus and Metro lines, listed below in order of nearest to farthest from our main entrance. Go green, ride MUNI!

  • 44 O'Shaughnessy: Stops directly in front of the Academy (northbound) and across from the Academy at the de Young Museum (southbound).
  • 5 Fulton: Stops at Fulton St./8th Ave. at the north entrance to the park. A 5-minute walk to the Academy.
  • 7 Haight: Stops at Lincoln Way/9th Ave. at the south entrance to the park. A 7-minute walk to the Academy.
  • N Judah Metro: Stops at 9th Ave./Irving St. a block from the entrance to the park. A 10-minute walk to the Academy. 

By bicycle

Biking in and around Golden Gate Park is a quintessential San Francisco experience. With protected bike lanes and car-free streets, it’s a safe, scenic, environmentally friendly way to get to the Academy. Don't forget your helmet!

  • Bike rental: Rent a bike by the hour or day from one of Bay Wheels’ 200+ rental stations throughout the city, including several within 10 minutes of the Academy.
  • Bike parking: Bike racks are located on Music Concourse Dr. to the left and right of the drop-off areas outside the Academy, as well as on Nancy Pelosi Dr. to the left and right of the staff footbridge.

Please note: Bike thefts happen. Always lock your bike securely! For safety reasons, bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, and scooters are not permitted inside the Academy.


By Golden Gate Park Shuttle

The free Golden Gate Park Shuttle offers access to the Academy and the eastern half of Golden Gate Park with stops along JFK Dr. and Music Concourse Dr. just steps away from our main entrance.

The shuttle operates seven days a week:

  • Monday-Friday: 12-6 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays: 9 am-6 pm


While BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) does not stop within walking distance of the Academy, it's easy to transfer from BART to MUNI—or arrive on two wheels by renting a bike at a Bay Wheels station.

  • From the East Bay: Exit BART at Montgomery St. Station in downtown San Francisco and catch the 5 Fulton MUNI bus at Market St./Sansome St. Get off at Fulton St./8th Ave. at the north entrance of the park and walk 5 minutes to the Academy.
  • From the Peninsula: Exit BART at Glen Park Station in San Francisco and catch the 44 O'Shaughnessy MUNI bus at Bosworth St./Diamond St. Get off on Music Concourse Dr., right in front of the Academy.

By car

Please note that there are frequent road closures in and around Golden Gate Park. We recommend using Google Maps for real-time route-planning.

Click the "+" below for detailed driving directions from points north, south, and east.

From the North Bay via US-101 South
  1. After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, use the right 2 lanes for exit 438 (CA-1 South toward 19th Ave./Golden Gate Park);
  2. Continue on CA-1 South/Park Presidio Blvd. for about 3 miles;
  3. Just before exiting Golden Gate Park, turn right on MLK Dr., then make a legal U-turn;
  4. Cross Park Presidio Blvd. and continue east on MLK Dr. for about 0.7 miles;
  5. The Academy will be on your left; turn left onto Music Concourse Dr. to access the parking garage, or find street parking on MLK Dr. or Nancy Pelosi Dr. nearby.
From the South Bay via I-280 North
  1. After passing Daly City, use the left 3 lanes for exit 49B (CA-1 North toward 19th Ave./Golden Gate Bridge);
  2. Continue north on 19th Ave. for about 4 miles;
  3. Turn right onto MLK Dr. after entering Golden Gate Park and continue east for about 0.7 miles;
  4. The Academy will be on your left; turn left onto Music Concourse Dr. to access the parking garage, or find street parking on MLK Dr. or Nancy Pelosi Dr. nearby.
From the East Bay via I-80 West
  1. After crossing the Bay Bridge, use the right 2 lanes for exit 1B (US-101 North/Central Fwy. toward Golden Gate Bridge);
  2. After about 0.7 miles, use the left 2 lanes for exit 434B (Octavia Blvd. toward Fell St.);
  3. Continue north on Octavia Blvd. for about 0.3 miles, then turn left onto Fell St.;
  4. Continue west on Fell St. for about 1.7 miles;
  5. After entering Golden Gate Park, bear left onto Kezar Dr.;
  6. In about 0.5 miles, merge onto Lincoln Way;
  7. In about 0.4 miles, turn right onto MLK Dr.;
  8. The Academy will be on your right; turn right onto Music Concourse Dr. to access the parking garage, or find street parking on MLK Dr. or Nancy Pelosi Dr. nearby.


The Music Concourse Garage is convenient to the Academy's main entrance, and free street parking is available near the Academy and throughout Golden Gate Park. Please note, however, that the Park gets extremely busy on weekends, holidays, and school breaks, and parking during these periods is limited.

Garage parking
The Music Concourse Garage is a secure, accessible, underground parking facility located just steps away from the Academy's main entrance. The garage can fill up fast on busy days, so arrive early or be prepared to look for street parking!

  • Garage entrances: Enter via the north at Fulton St./10th Ave. or the south at Music Concourse Dr./ MLK Dr.
  • Hours: 7 am–7 pm daily (hours may vary, call 415-750-0741 to confirm)
  • Rates: $5.25/hour weekdays, $6.25/hour weekends and after 5:30 pm

Please note: Music Concourse Garage is operated by Reef Parking, not the Academy. The Academy is not responsible for parking rules, rates, and regulations, which may be subject to change. For more information, please visit

Street parking
Free street parking is available throughout the Park, but it can be challenging to find a spot near the Academy on busy days. Your best bet is to arrive as early as possible. Here’s where to find street parking:

  • MLK Dr.: 3- and 4-hour parking between Crossover Dr. and Kezar Dr.
  • Nancy Pelosi Dr.: 3- and 4-hour parking between MLK Dr. and JFK Dr.
  • Stow Lake Dr.: All-day parking around Stow Lake.
  • Golden Gate Bandshell Parking Lot (blue zone only): 20 free, accessible blue zone parking spaces now available. Enter on MLK Dr. between Music Concourse Dr. and Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr.

Please note: Car break-ins are unfortunately common in San Francisco. To reduce your risk, please leave nothing of value in your car, either in the trunk or in plain sight. You can safely store your belongings in an Academy locker for $8.

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