California Climate Adaptation Strategy

The state of California seeks the unique perspectives of K-12 educators to help shape the 2021 California Climate Adaptation Strategy.

As you browse the document, consider these questions to focus your thinking:

  • Does the state's approach resonate with you?
  • Might the stated goals and actions feel relevant to your students and their families?
  • How might the strategy be improved, keeping in mind the unique needs of you and your school community?

Here are a few highlights from the introduction of the document, to set the stage:

Our Challenge
California is a global leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a carbon-neutral future. Our state’s economy has continued to grow as carbon pollution has decreased. As we drive toward carbon neutrality, we must protect our communities and natural environment from the climate crisis already here. In the last decade, Californians have endured severe droughts, floods, historic wildfires, rising seas, and record temperatures. Californians now see, feel, and breathe what scientists have been explaining for decades: greenhouse gas pollution is warming our planet and generating threats to life on earth.

Our Opportunity
The choices we make today will define California’s future. Our climate adaptation efforts reduce climate risks and build resilience for our state’s residents, communities, and natural places . A truly climate resilient ‘California For All,’ demands we build climate resilience while also addressing deep-rooted systemic inequities. The 2021 Adaptation Strategy provides a framework for bold adaptation solutions that fully integrate equity into California’s climate resilience programs.

Public comments are due November 17, and can be submitted by email!


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