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STEMpathy is looking for teachers to review diversity, equity, inclusion resources for their classrooms.

STEMpathy Resources is an organization that provides education materials for high school teachers and students to foster inclusivity and empathy in their STEM fields. In their own words, STEMpathy is an approach to STEM education which intentionally incorporates a diverse set of identities in order to reflect and shape the world in an equitable manner.

Who: High school STEM Teachers with a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

What: STEMpathy is looking for high school teachers from around the United States to volunteer to implement the resources within their classrooms and/or provide general feedback on the existing resources. To provide feedback, please visit bit.ly/teachersforstempathy. If you are interested in implementing the resources throughout the next term, please reach out to stempathyresources@gmail.com.

When: While they would appreciate feedback as soon as possible, feel free to reach out any time before February 1, 2021.

STEMpathy Resources offers free materials which can be used as warm-ups, supplemental exercises, or short-term assignments. These can be embedded in various STEM courses and require no prior knowledge. Suitable for grades 9-12.


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