teachers huddle around leaves they collected outside

How can you design your PD to encourage learning in adults?  And how can you help teachers translate their experience as a learner to something useful for their own teaching practice? In this chapter, we share our own go-to strategies, and the reasoning behind them.

In This Chapter

teachers explore sound cups

Why is it important to allow time for teachers to be learners in your professional development session? How can you easily accomplish this?

Use our tools: a slide deck, a parking lot, and prompts for "translation time." And of course, read the research behind it all.


teachers work together during a workshop

How does teaching adults compare with teaching children?

Adults and children aren’t so different when it comes to learning, but they do have some different needs. It’s important to be cognizant of both the similarities and differences in how adults and children learn.

We've outlined Action Steps based on the research on how adults learn.