Publications featuring objects from the California Academy of Sciences.

The Elkus Collection


Southwestern Indian Art

A diverse and historically important collection​ at
the California Academy of Sciences

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Looms & Textiles of the Copts


First Millennium Egyptian Textiles

A comprehensive study of the Carl Austin Rietz Collection at
​the California Academy of Sciences

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Pieces of Cloth, Pieces of Culture


Tapa from Tonga & the Pacific Islands

Featuring tapa and other Polynesian objects from the collection of
the California Academy of Sciences

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Anthropology Collections

Our permanent research collection consists of more than 16,000 objects, most of which are ethnographic. Current strengths include holdings from the U.S. Southwest and the Pacific Islands, and basketry from California. Our searchable online database features the entire Anthropology collection, including digital images for every piece.

Hominin Cast Collection

The Department of Anthropology houses a collection of hominin fossil and comparative casts that are available for reference by visiting researchers and students.

Anthropology Research Projects

The Dikika Research Project (DRP) is a multidisciplinary endeavor that seeks to address key evolutionary questions pertaining to various aspects of the paleobiology of early hominins (early human ancestors) – as well as their culture and environments over the past ca. 4.0 million years.