Humans have a remarkable ability to heal. So does the natural world—if we do our part. By working together to partner with the planet, we can regenerate ecosystems and empower communities. It’s time to get growing.

How is a scientist planting lab-grown polyps on a coral reef like a neighbor planting a butterfly-friendly garden? Both are examples of people diving in—and digging in—to restore and regenerate ecosystems and habitats that help both animal and human communities thrive. Not a marine biologist? Never grew a green thumb? No worries. Everyone can contribute in their own way, whether it’s by supporting renewable energy to fight climate change, participating in a bioblitz, or simply enjoying a visit to the Academy.

We invite you to join us in our new mission—because it takes the world to regenerate the Earth.

New green shoots emerge from a tree stump

What is regeneration?

For the Academy, regeneration is all about strengthening the web of life. By rebuilding the inherent diversity, complexity, and resilience of ecosystems, they’ll be better able to withstand and adapt to challenges like climate change. To regenerate, we must see ourselves in the ecosystems we’re working to protect—as part of, not apart from, the natural world.

4 scuba divers step off a diving platform into the ocean

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An Academy scuba diver examines bleached coral underwater

What we're doing

As a world-class research and educational institution and science museum, the Academy's renewed purpose to regenerate the natural world is rooted in biodiversity science, environmental learning, and collaborative engagement—areas critical to our mission. We’re mobilizing our in-house experts and collaborating with partners around the world to regenerate fragile ecosystems, from coral reefs to tropical islands to the Golden State. Click below to explore each new initiative—and visit our website often for the latest updates.

Photo: Luiz Rocha © California Academy of Sciences

A girl uses a watering can to water a community garden

How you can help

Regenerating the natural world requires the strength and passion of people like you. Over the next year, we’ll be sharing a range of opportunities that will enable anyone to join our movement from wherever they are. In the meantime, you can support our work just by showing up: Purchasing a ticket or membership to the Academy directly funds our research, education, and public engagement initiatives.

Explore our major initiatives
We envision a healthier, more resilient, and wilder natural world within a generation. Trek from ocean to island to city with Academy scientists to see how we’ll get there.