The Academy is open, but our commitment to digital access is still going strong. Explore this page for an eclectic array of science-centric games, videos, and DIY projects to help you stay learning and engaged, wherever you are.

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Science @ Home: Life on Ice

Craft walrus made of playdough against blue background

Ready to brave the cold? Bundle up and spend a week with wintry hands-on activities designed to engage ages 4-8.

DxD Poster Contest Winners

Diversity x Design Poster Contest hero graphic

View the winning posters from the Academy's inaugural Diversity x Design high school poster contest!

Marine Mammal Identification Masterclass

Harbor seal resting onshore at Elkhorn Slough

A harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) rests onshore at Elkhorn Slough.

November 2 at 10:00 am

Learn how to identify marine mammals in this free, three-part virtual masterclass hosted by Academy scientists.

New Science Profiles

Photo collage of LGBTQ+ scientists of color

Learn more about each of the 23 LGBTQ+ women and gender minority scientists of color profiled in New Science.

Watch: Our video collections are optimized for K-12, but binge-worthy for science-lovers of all ages.

Animal Webcams

Underwater photo of African penguin swimming with fish in mouth
Frolic with our penguins, soar with our stingrays, dive our coral reef, or visit the Farallones via live webcam.

Video Library

Methuselah the lungfish gets a chin scratch by an Academy biologist

Press play on the latest discoveries, animal insights, and "aha!" moments from Academy scientists.

Learn: Turn your living room into a classroom—or science lab!—with STEM activities and resources.

Skywatcher's Guide: October-December 2021

Geminid meteor shower

Geminid meteor shower, 2012 © Mike Lewinski

Know what's up with Morrison Planetarium's Skywatcher's Guide—a quarterly compendium of heavenly happenings.

Distance Learning

Educator with stuffed penguin

Meet Academy educators online from your home or classroom via interactive livestreams for K-8 students.

Science Lesson Plans

A smartphone, scissors, and scotch tape atop multicolored construction paper

Find science activities to focus your field trip or lessons to integrate into your yearly curriculum.

Play: Brain need a break? De-stress with these digital delights. (Warning: You may still learn something.)

BigPicture: Natural World Photography

Kangaroo and joey in a burned eucalyptus plantation. Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur

Hope in a Burned Plantation by Jo-Anne McArthur // Grand Prize winner

Be transported around the world in an exhibit of the year's best nature, wildlife, and conservation photography.

Downloadable Zoom Backgrounds

Aquarium Zoom Background

Download over a dozen beautiful Academy-themed video and photo backgrounds to spruce up your digital habitat.


Cornucopia game

In this game, students level up the farm with green technology to meet the space and water needs of their crops.

Seek by iNaturalist

A smartphone with the Seek app on screen identifying a plant

This kid-friendly app makes citizen science simple and fun. Earn badges for your plant and animal observations!


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