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February 1, 2016

The Academy's latest show to explore asteroids, comets, and the hard-hitting stories of our cosmic origins.

Programs & Events, Science & Sustainability
January 22, 2016

Third annual photo competition seeks captivating images of life on Earth.

Programs & Events
January 12, 2016

New 3D show!
3D Earth: Rainforests
Opens February 5, 2016

January 12, 2016

Videos hosted by teens make complex environmental topics relevant for peers and more accessible for educators.

Animal News, Science & Sustainability
December 16, 2015

From unknown African frogs to electric rays and animal viruses, these discoveries add to Earth’s tree of life.

Science & Sustainability
December 13, 2015

New study says that people from different regions host different mite lineages, supports “Out of Africa" theory

Science & Sustainability
December 7, 2015

San Francisco’s own “Ant-Man” to study ants and climate on extended Mozambique expedition

Programs & Events
December 3, 2015

New year; new reasons to fall in love with science (all over again)


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