Bring your wild things to the Academy between March 9-April 28 for Riveropolis, Bugtopia, and a bouquet of other programs that will connect your family to the beauty, wonder, and whimsy of the natural world.

Hurry in—Spring in the Garden closes this Sunday!

The Academy is the place to bee this spring! Float your own boat with Riveropolis, watch four supersize animatronic insects come to life in Bugtopia, and buzz into an arthropod puppet show. Visitors of all ages will delight in seeing a curious meadow grasshopper move its legs and mandibles, a seven spot ladybird and Madagascan sunset moth raise their wings in greeting, and a fuzzy red-tailed bumblebee enjoy a nectar-rich flower—all nestled within the wondrous Wander Woods nature playspace. 

Spring in the Garden is open 10 am-4 pm daily.

GIF of a giant animatronic Madagascan moth spreading its wings

Bug out

A larger-than-life model of a Madagascan sunset moth flutters its wings and moves its head to survey the spring scene—one of four extra-large animatronic insects that have come in for a landing in Bugtopia in the East Garden. 

Boy sits on giant caterpillar sculpture in Bugtopia section of Spring in the Garden at the Academy

Strike a pose

Climb aboard a colorful statue of a scaled-up spicebush swallowtail caterpillar to cap off a quartet of unforgettable Bugtopia photo ops.

Young boy happily splashes at Riveropolis station at Academy's Spring in the Garden festival

Water works

Build a boat at this winding water table with multiple elevation changes—perfect for kids and adults to design, tinker, and explore the physics of water.

Plush bumblebee, spider, and butterfly toys

Arthropod Opera

Sing the praises of small-but-important arthropods through song and dance with a dynamic crew of puppet performers in this outdoor, family-friendly program.