Each new species discovered, ecosystem protected, science career launched, and teacher trained helps further our mission to regenerate the natural world through science, learning, and collaboration.

From the 1.4 million visitors who walk through our doors each year to the 46 million scientific specimens in our collection, the Academy’s impact starts right here at the museum and reaches far across the globe through scientific research, public engagement and environmental literacy programs, digital media, and sustainability education.

See how we’re making an impact.

Academy Icthyologist Luiz Rocha doing a stomach analysis of lionfish

Sustainability Science for a Changing Planet

The Academy’s Institute for Biodiversity Science and Sustainability is at the forefront of efforts to understand the world’s most precious and threatened ecosystems, including coral reefs, tropical rainforests, and California’s iconic habitats.

Teen scientists show off their botany samples outside the Academy of Sciences

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

The Academy is the Bay Area leader in STEM experiences for K-12 students and teachers, and an innovative pioneer in efforts to increase scientific and environmental literacy in classrooms worldwide.

Guests exploring Academy's BigPicture nature photography competition exhibit

Creating an Academy for All

As part of our commitment to accessibility and inclusion, the Academy is proud to offer a dynamic range of free and reduced admission programs that provide access to world-class science education for the entire Bay Area community.

Botany curator Nathalie Nagalingum shows cycad specimens in the Academy's scientific collections

Building a Library of Life

Comprising nearly 46 million scientific specimens, the Academy’s world-class research collections are an invaluable resource to the global scientific community and provide a vitally important record of life on Earth.