Be mesmerized by a variety of graceful ray species and shimmering schools of tropical fish swimming across your screen—streaming 24/7 via webcam.

Know your fish

A ray and schooling fish swim gracefully for the camera

Use this handy guide to identify the rays and fish swimming across your screen.


Training our rays

2 biologists apply topical medication to the rostrum of a cownose ray

Academy biologists regularly conduct in-water training and enrichment exercises with our resident rays—which is why human feet occasionally make a webcam cameo.


Stingrays Live app

Stingray icon for Stingrays Live app

New! Stream our graceful, otherworldly stingrays to your smartphone or Apple TV with the new Stingrays Live app.


Reef Lagoon FAQs

What do the rays and bony fishes eat?
The rays eat clam tongue, prawns, squid, white bait, live Manila clams, and capelin. The bony fishes eat krill, gel food, and pellets.

What species am I seeing?
Check out our Reef Lagoon field guide.

Why don’t I hear anything?
At present, there is no microphone in the water or attached to presenters when they feed the fish.

Why is it dark?
The fish may be sleeping. We dim and brighten our lights according to a schedule that best matches their natural habit. That may not correspond to the time zone where you are.

The webcam doesn’t work on my computer. What should I do?
Try launching the webcams via YouTube: Reef View and Lagoon View.

Technical difficulties?

Our live webcams are installed in very wet and salty environments, and with animals that can get rambunctious at times. If you notice anything that doesn’t seem quite right with any of our webcams, please let us know by sending an email to webcams@calacademy.org