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Start your Academy adventure today! Click “Join or renew” to select a membership level, then choose Auto-Renewal or Annual Membership Subscription before checkout.

Auto-renewal: Sustainability & convenience

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By auto-renewing your membership, you’re choosing the most sustainable and convenient way to support the museum you love.

  • Provide continuous support for the Academy’s scientific research and education initiatives while enjoying the perks of membership year after year. Never worry about a lapse in benefits!

  • Save paper and resources so your membership dues go toward world-changing science—not filling your mailbox and inbox with renewal notices.


Annual Membership Subscription: Low monthly payments

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With an Annual Membership Subscription, you get the best of both worlds: Convenient, low monthly payments and the ease of automatic annual renewal. View all terms and conditions

  • Get started with a one-time down payment and subsequent monthly payments as low as $6.

  • Pay no additional or hidden fees and pay the same price as a paid-in-full membership.


Frequently asked questions

Why do you require an initial payment with the Annual Membership Subscription?

Taking care of a one-time down payment at the time of enrollment means that your ongoing monthly payments are lower and more manageable. When your membership automatically renews in the second year, you will not be asked to make an initial down payment and that cost will instead be spread across and added to your monthly payments. Payment amounts will vary by membership level.

When will I be charged?

Members will be charged a low down payment on the day that they enroll. Thereafter, they will be charged on or around the last day of the month.

How does auto-renewal work?

By opting-in to auto-renewal during the checkout process, you agree to have your membership automatically renewed on an annual basis using the credit card provided. Approximately one month before your membership renews for the following year and we charge your card for the full amount of your membership, the Academy will email you a renewal notice to the email address we have for you on file. You may cancel your participation in auto-renewal at any time by calling (415) 379-8098.

How do I cancel participation in an Annual Membership Subscription?

Approximately one month before your membership is due to automatically renew, you will receive an email notification to the email address that you provide upon enrollment. We do not currently offer refunds on memberships. However, if you wish to pay the balance of your membership fees and cancel the automatic renewal of your membership, you may do so by contacting the Academy at (415) 379-8098 at any time. View all terms and conditions

Can I purchase a gift membership with auto-renewal or Annual Membership Subscription?

You can choose to have your gift membership auto-renew, but Annual Membership Subscriptions are not available for gift memberships at this time.