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March is Members’ Month!

We’re honored to spend the month of March celebrating and thanking our members for their ongoing, vital support of the California Academy of Sciences. Explore this page to see what's in store, from animal feedings and exclusive members-only talks to deep discounts on dining, tours, and more.

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March Member Talks

Twilight Zone coral and diver

Exploring the Coral Reef's Twilight Zone
Tuesday, March 12 | 3-4 pm PT
Boardroom & Livestreamed

‌Coral reefs are one of the most iconic, diverse, and threatened ecosystems on Earth, yet, the deeper portions of this habitat remain largely unexplored and unprotected. The Academy has a highly experienced team of scientists and technical rebreather divers that are exploring these deeper reefs for the first time. Join Dr. Luiz Rocha and Bart Shepherd, Co-Directors of the Academy’s Hope For Reefs Initiative, to learn how this project is a central part of the initiative, how we are taking on this challenging task, and the stories behind our most spectacular discoveries.

Galápagos Floreana Island


The Galápagos Islands: A century of Academy science and conservation
Wednesday, March 20 | 3-4 pm PT
Boardroom & Livestreamed

The Academy has a long relationship with the Galápagos - starting with the Schooner Academy that sailed there in 1905 and produced the largest collections ever from the Galápagos. Join Dr. Jack Dumbacher, Curator of Ornithology and Mammalogy, to hear more about these amazing islands, the Academy’s vast collections and collaborations, and how today’s science is contributing to conservation and regeneration of this island archipelago.

Community science tide pooling

Harnessing the Power of Community Science for the California Coast
Wednesday, March 27 | 3-4 pm PT
Boardroom & Livestreamed

California’s iconic coast spans 1,100 miles and is home to an incredible diversity of species that provide food, recreation, storm protection, and other benefits, but are increasingly impacted by climate change. Join Dr. Nat Low, Biodiversity Data Specialist, to learn about how the Academy is mobilizing thousands of Californians to record biodiversity along their coast, and how these crowdsourced datasets are being used to develop an early warning and forecasting system for future biodiversity change.


The Jerry Hume Sunday Member Hour

Brunch waffle with fruit

Sunday Members’ Brunch
Every Sunday in March | 10-11 am PT
Terrace Restaurant | West Garden

Start your Sunday mornings in March at the museum with a selection of tasty brunch items for purchase and a complimentary regular mimosa or orange juice at The Terrace. While supplies last; limit one drink per member.

No RSVP required to attend.

Living Roof

Living Roof Mini Tours
Sunday, March 17 
Living Roof

Explore the thriving ecosystem of the Living Roof during this 15 minute off the beaten path tour. Be guided by an Academy expert and learn how the roof is home to over 90 species of California’s native plants, helps regulate the building’s temperature, provides a space to dry whale bones, and so much more.

Event has passed.

Carter Can be an Astrophysicist

Carter Can Be an Astrophysicist with Author CaT Bobino
Sunday, March 24 | 10:15-11 am

Join author and advocate for STEM-related careers and education, CaT Bobino, to take a journey with Carter and his friends as they learn about astronomy through fun and educational experiences. The adventure doesn’t stop there! CaT will also guide members through an explosive astronomy experiment and have the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Carter Can Be an Astrophysicist.

Event has passed.

Members exploring Osher Rainforest

Rainforest Walking Tour
Sunday, March 24 | 10:15-10:45 am PT
Osher Rainforest

Embark on a botanical journey with Andy Snider, Aquarium Curator, for a captivating walking tour of the diverse Osher Rainforest flora. From terrestrial and aquatic plants to the rare and unusual, each step will unveil the beauty and biodiversity thriving within our four story rainforest. 

Event has passed.


Exclusive animal experiences

Biologists with rays

Lagoon Feeding
Tuesday, March 12 | 8:45 am PT
The Lagoon

Watch in awe as Academy biologists feed our rays as they glide beneath your feet. Explore the fascinating adaptations of these ocean cruisers and their relatives, and learn about what you can do to keep them and their ocean homes healthy.

Event has passed.

Claude and alligator snapping turtle

Swamp Feeding
Tuesday, March 26 | 8:45 am PT
The Swamp

Join us to learn how Academy biologists take care of our favorite American alligator with albinism, Claude, and his alligator snapping turtle swamp-mates. And if they're feeling hungry, there's a chance you'll get to see what they eat! Questions encouraged!

Event has passed.


Penguin Feedings
Every Sunday in March | 10:30 am PT
African Hall

Learn all about our charismatic African penguin colony from Academy biologists during these Sunday breakfasts and special enrichment activity. Unable to visit in person? Tune in to the penguin cam to see the feedings live!

No RSVP required to attend.


March Member Events

Members engaging with Riveropolis

Member Preview: Spring in the Garden
Friday, March 8
East Garden

Celebrate the arrival of spring with festivities for the whole family. Splash and make your own boat with Riveropolis, catch a puppet show, delight in a nature band performance, see four super-sized animatronic insects come to life, and more!

Event has passed.

Members' Month discounts

Reap the rewards of your membership with even more savings during Members’ Month, including:

20% discount on Academy restaurants, stores, and VIP Tours (book online using your member login)

10% or more discount on birthday parties (new party packages!) and Penguins+Pajamas Sleepovers