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Twilight Zone: Deep Reefs Revealed
​Steinhart Aquarium
Scientists know more about the surface of the moon than they do about the mysterious realm of the ocean known as the “twilight zone”—situated 200 to 500 feet beneath the surface. Advanced technology including rebreathers have enabled Academy scientists to explore this undiscovered subsection. Their findings are presented in the Academy’s newest exhibit, Twilight Zone: Deep Reefs Revealed.

From never-before-seen fish that dart in and out of darkness with vivid pops of neon, to alien-like jellies nicknamed “sea Peeps” for their cartoonish resemblance to the popular marshmallow confection, the exhibit features newly displayed species and captivating multimedia which showcases the diversity of life at these previously unexplored depths.

Benjamin Dean Astronomy Lecture
The Beauty of the Universe as Revealed by Hubble
Monday, July 18 | 7:30 pm
Morrison Planetarium

​Zoltan Levay, Space Telescope Science Institute
The Hubble Space Telescope is NASA’s flagship space science mission. Over the past 26 years, Hubble’s unobstructed view of the universe has made a dramatic impact on astronomer’s knowledge of outer space. The Hubble has also had an influence of the public’s understanding of astronomy, with color images that show the wonders of the cosmos in more detail than ever before and communication via social media and other channels of Hubble’s science discoveries. Zoltan Levay will discuss the enormous impact of the Hubble Space Telescope and how it has altered the way we think about and see outer space.
Reservations required. $8 members, $10-12 non-members.

Ongoing Events at the California Academy of Sciences

Sun, Moon and Seas
Daily | Multiple Shows beginning at 10:40 am

​Hohfeld Hall
Explore the influence of the sun and the moon on Earth’s oceans and ocean life in this live, 15- minute program. Hear how sunlight drives the base of the ocean food web, the Moon triggers coral reproduction, and the Moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides.

Operation Whale Rescue
Daily | 11 am

Be a champion for the world’s largest mammal species–whales—at this fun, on-stage whale rescue show based on the adventures of a local rescue team. Learn more about these amazing animals and why they are so important to the ocean’s ecosystem.

Family Nature Crafts
Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am
Near the Swamp

In celebration of the Academy’s newest exhibit, Twilight Zone: Deep Reefs Revealed, July’s crafts will be about vibrant fish and coral reefs! Come make a colorful deep reef fish suncatcher, a watercolor painting of a coral reef landscape and fish, or a coral reef diorama. Supplies are limited and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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