Group of Science Action Club educators holding SAC banner atop Academy Living Roof

Since debuting in 2011, over 470 communities across 38 states have launched Science Action Clubs, reaching over 73,000 youth and educators in the US and Spain—and achieving remarkable results. By increasing the quality and quantity of science and environmental learning opportunities available to middle school youth and staff, SAC helps a lifelong love of science take root outside the traditional classroom.

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SAC educator shows smartphone photo of insect in petri dish on Academy Living Roof

SAC’s science and nature units spark curiosity, build scientific skills, and help youth develop STEM identities. All three units are available in English and bilingual English/Spanish. Our pay-what-you-can fee structure ensures equity and access for all program providers.


Meet our partners

CalSAC logo CC-BY calSAC

Within California, SAC partners with the California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC) to leverage their network of professional development experts who serve as ambassadors for SAC in their communities. Explore CalSAC’s site for more out-of-school time resources.


Contribute to global research

LEARN CitSci logo

In partnership with a team of natural history museums around the world, SAC was a part of LEARN CitSci, a research project that worked to understand how community and citizen science projects support how youth learn. Results from the research project underscored the importance of youth putting themselves in the roles of experts like leading a Bug Safari in SAC. By doing so, youth were able to further develop their science identities which in turn led to an increased understanding of environmental science content and science inquiry skills - all goals we have in SAC.