The Academy is deeply grateful to our generous donors for their vital support of our mission to regenerate the natural world through science, learning, and collaboration.


Gifts of $1,000,000 and above

Barbara and Gerson Bakar
Noelle Montgomery and Dan Janney
Troper Wojcicki Foundation
Bill and Brenda Younger


Gifts of $100,000 and above

Anonymous (4)
Diana Nelson and John Atwater
Shawn and Brook Byers

Stasia Obremskey and Dan
Leslie and Troy Daniels
Richard G. and Mae F. Dong
Dana and Bob Emery
Kevin and Julia Hartz

Rebecca and Alfred Lin
Elizabeth R. and William J.
  Patterson Foundation
Wendy and Eric Schmidt
Onnolee and Orlin Trapp
Pat Wilson
Anne Wojcicki Foundation

Gifts of $50,000 and above

Anonymous (2)
Betsy and Peter Chung
Vanessa and Giovanni Colella
Buff and Gerald Corsi
Gregory DiPaolo
Ann and L. John Doerr
John and Laura Furstenthal

Marcia and John Goldman
Paul Goodman
Shirley and Harry Hagey
Hellman Foundation
Prabha and Mohamed Ibrahim
The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell
William and Gretchen Kimball
Laura Kline and Michael Lazarus

Marie and Barry Lipman
Marta McWhorter
Carrie and Greg Penner
Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Garry
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock
Catarina and Andy Schwab
Christopher B. and Jeannie Smith
Owen Smith
Nancy and Gary Steele
Mary and Jerome C. Vascellaro

Gifts of $25,000 and above

Anonymous (3)
Joan Avenali
Frances Hellman and Warren
Roberta and Steven Denning
DiMarco/Harleen Charitable
The Dolby Family
Peter Fenton

Pisces Foundation
Sylvie and Jack Forestell
Johnnie and John Hafernik
Terrie Campbell and James
Ann and Charles Johnson
Wendy W. Kwok and Family
MacWhorter Family Trust
Leslie and John McQuown
Miao Family
Jancy Rickman and William J.

Cathy and Howard Moreland
Susan and William Oberndorf
Pat and Berniece Patterson
Norman & Janet Pease
Judy-Ann and Antti-Veikko Rosti
Sarah and J. Stuart Ryan
Joyce and Jim Smith
Pauline and Tom Tusher
Stephanie and John Warren
Diane B. Wilsey
Samantha and Scott Zinober

Gifts of $10,000 and above

Anonymous (2)
Melinda and John Adams
Mary Beth and Frank Almeda
Madeleine Burkhart and Andrew
Jyoti Bansal
Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
Nion McEvoy and Leslie
Susan and Frederick Bianucci
W. Richard Bingham Family
John Sedat and Elizabeth
Marianne and Donald Bradley
Nancy Spero and Norman Brand
Teresa Briggs
Eliza Brown and Hal Candee
Carol and Lyman Casey
Caley Castelein
Julie Chaiken
Shirley and Curtis Chambers
Carolyn and Andrew Chatham
J. Michael Cline
Shari Libicki and Andrew
Nicole Concepcion
Topher and Sloane Conway
Bill and Bridget Coughran
Helen and Rajnikant Desai
Jack Donohew
John Dwyer
Marc Ebbin
Sonia and Daniel Elkes
Anna Zara and Robert English

David and Charlotte Epstein
Sarah and David Epstein
Euphrat Family
Tomoko and Donald Fortune
Michelle and Robert Friend
Shelby and Frederick Gans
The Gardner Family
Gery & Linda L. Gomez Family
James Greene
Sallie Griffith
Catherine Kennedy MD and
  Daniel Grossman
Gary Hall
Halper Family
Elizabeth Simons and Mark
Cynthia Hersey
Hitz Foundation
The Hoefer Family
Gwendolyn Holcombe and Carl
Nellie Hudson
Liz Hume and Jay Jacobs
Louise and Augustus S. Ireland
Mary Austin and Brewster Kahle
Dan Henkle and Steve Kawa
Kathryn Kelly and Thomas Klein
Joe and Nicole Lacob
Patricia Landers
Edmund W. Littlefield, Jr.
Charlotte and John McConkie
Elizabeth and Edward
Vera and Ken Meislin
Christina and Hamid Moghadam
Nancy and George Montgomery,
Betty and Gordon Moore
Meridee Moore

Timothy Muller
Lauren Lockliear and Dom
The Peter and Kristan Norvig
  Family Fund
Meredith and Brian O'Malley
Emilie and Douglas Ogden
Angela Nomellini and Kenneth
Amy and Brian Ongaro
Laura and Mike Patnode
Kirsten and Chris Rhodes
The Rishel Family
Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins
Leroy & Marianne Rocca
Shelagh and Thomas Rohlen
Sack Family Fund
Mary Barbara Schultz
Toni Simmons and Scott
Camilla and George Smith
Judith and Jerry Steenhoven
Tania and Michael Stepanian
Olaf Stiner
Sudin Family Charitable Fund
Adrienne Higa and Anthony
Ingrid C. Swenson
Roselyne Swig
Dario Taraborelli
Crystal and Kenneth Taylor
Felicia Chiu and Luke Teeple
Lois and Mel Tukman
Ms. Jacalyn D. Erickson and Mr.
  Edward M. Warner
Beth and James Wintersteen
Carrie and John Woolley
The Yang Gang
Mary and Harold Zlot

Gifts of $6,000 and above

Anonymous (5)
AKG Global Foundation
David Banuelos
Jeanne and William Barulich
Samantha and Darren Bechtel
Tom Becker
Jennifer Bennett
Loraine and Robert Berry
Barbara Bessey
Olivia Sears and Craig Bicknell
Jill Kulick and Bruce Bienenstock
Vidya Bodepudi
Roberta Borgonovo
Marley Brezzo
Caitlin and Nathan Brostrom
Linda Joanne Brown
Ken R. Schneider and Clarissa M.
Callan Family Fund
Halle and Casey Cane

Linda and Marc Carrasco
Wences Casares
Richard Costolo
LaVaughn and Theodore Craig
Kate and Scott Dietzen
Manuel Alcantara Donesa Jr.
James Dougherty
Adam and Jo Gazzaley
Genevieve and Jay Gudebski
Lauren Hall and David Hearth
Katherine Fines and Henry
Wei-Je Huang and Pei-Jen Hsu
Jeung Hyun
Jacqueline and Donald
Shannon Bennett and Durrell
April and Peter Kelly
Christine and Eugene Kim
Linda Griffith and Paul
Kelsey and David Lamond

Adrian Ludwig
The Madar Family
Victoria Moore
Ana Henderson and Rand
John Nelson
Lara Fuentes and Geoffrey
Gary Demyen and Leslie
Andre and Kristin Pech
Deirdre and Matthew Pharr
Peter J. Richerson
Leslie Wilson and George
Andrea Schultz
Holly Hagens and Todd Sisitsky
Amanda and Chris Smith
Sally J. Towse
Tramiel Charitable Trust
Virginia and Gregory Tusher
Mark Valentine
Linda and King Won
Melissa and Brian Wong

Gifts of $3,000 and above

Anonymous (13)
Susan Abby
Lauryn Coit and Shyler Ackley
Jason Conyard and Fernando
Wendy and Kevin Alexander
Joy and Jonathan Alferness
Christopher Almond
Claire and Eric Alt
Nancy Kivelson and Thomas
Mary Ann Aronson
Therese and David Arsenault
Deborah Robbins and Peter
Lily and Dick Au
Brynn and John Bailey
Debbie and Paul Baker
Melissa and Patrick Barber
Steve Smart and Javier Barreto
Barulich-Jacobsen Family
Robert Bastasz
Alex Beckman
Stuart Berkowitz
Kamala and David Berry
Marge and H. Terrence Blaine
Jane and David Blatteis
Judy Sakaguchi and James Boyer
Terry and Peter Boyer
Emily and Eric Brown
Josephine Brownback
Jessica C. Bylo-Chacon
Bruce and Barbara Callander
Karen Frank and Ken Callander
Dan and Stacey Case Family
Tantek Celik
Lorraine and Lionel Chan
Linda Joy Chandler
Susan Austin and Michael
Alice Chen
Christopher Field and Nona
Priscila Choi
Shirley Chou
Dr. Stephen R. Chun and Dr.
  Doris Sze Chun
Fannie Allen and George W.
Martha Ehmann Conte
Kathleen Cronin
Sisi and Bert Damner
Caroline H. Damsky
Kristine Johnson and Tim Dattels
Sonja and Bill Davidow
Sheila Lee and Jonathan Davies
Laura A. Davis
Isabelle Dokouzian
Catherine and Ralph Drybrough
Abe Lincoln Eustice
Sandra Donnell and Justin
Sharon Grof and Jeffrey Ferris
Karin Fetherston
Marsha Cohen and Robert Feyer
Jeanne and Frank Fischer
Courtney Benoist and Jason Fish
Caitlin and Patrick Fisher
Laura and John Fisher
Josh and Kara Fisher
Lisa and Nick Fleming
Aaron Bastian and Catherine Foo
Vicki Friedberg
Tiffany and Eric Friedman
Jennifer Brokaw and Allen Fry
Mary Gallo
Helen Gan
Monica Lopez and Sameer
Bill Hudson and Nora Gibson
Amardeep and Raminder Gill
Douglas Gilmour
Charlotte and Nick Giovanni
Kay and Kenneth Gobalet
Robert Walker and Cristy
Bryan Johnson and Jocelyn
Laurence and Miranda

Steve and Mary Gorski
Lorraine L. Grace
Jeannie Graham
Shand and William Green
Jess Gupta
Suzanne Coberly and Jeff Haas
Ross Gillfillan and Jeremiah Hall
Tchaylet Handel
Katherine and James Hansen
Zhang Hansong
Elena Benvenuti and Arian Hatefi
Jenise Henrikson
Michael Miller and Karen
Irene and Oliver Holmes
Bob Hopper
Jane E. Hussain
Diane Ichiyasu
Ishiyama Foundation
Aditi Iyer
Barbara and Carl Jacobson
Ana Mendez and Rajeev
Elizabeth and Thomas Jones
Marcy Levine and Peter Joseph
Vinay and Shauna Kashyap
Linda Nevin and Eric Keisman
Anne K. Kelley
Hannah Kellogg
Kristen and James Kelly
Kenneth Kelsen
Brian Kim
Jenny Yip and Michael Kim
Kirchner Family
Thalia Anagnos and Jeffrey
Stephanie Schmidt and Geoff
Saori and Takashi Kousaka
Martha Kropf
Nicholas Kwaan
Jeanne and Bill Landreth
Diane Lane
Sara Chenault and Edward Lang
Oscar Lang
Randall Laroche and David
Shari Brooks and Clara Lee
Kelli Nakamura and Eric Lee
Katherine and Robert Lee
Nancy and Peter Lee
Jeanne and Henri Lese
Lily Li
Mimi and David Lin
Sandra and Ronald Linder
Leslie and Kevin Linker
Cheryl Frank and Michael Linn
Adrienne Zihlman and Jerold
Carrie and Ronald Ludwig
Joelle and Doug Lumish
Helen Luo
Amanda Klein and Michael
Margaret and Kevin Lynch
Alicia Lynn MacDonald
Leslie MacDonald
Diane Kordich and Russell
Alexandria and Kevin Marchetti
Sharon Marks
Susan Mathison
Lucia Matzger
Kathleen and Justin McCarthy
Ellen and Harold McElhinny
Patricia McEveney
Martha Ehrenfeld and Carla
Krista Canfield McNish and Ian
Steven and Katie Merrill
Janine and Jon Miller
Mirnahill Foundation
Lauren and Eric Mitchell
John Monteverdi
Anita Erhard and Gail Moore
Sheila Moran
Barbara Morgan-Zaney
Sean Moriarty
Brit and Dave Morin
Sharon and Jeffrey Morris
Patrick Mulkeen
Henry Nattrass

Tze Chang Ng
Lan Nguyen
Mike and Norah Nicholls
Frederic and Kirstin Nichols
Heather and Oleg Nodelman
Laurie and Josh Olshansky
Alan and Virginia Pabst
Eugene Park
Wendy and Frederick Parkin
Pamela and Aden Pavkov
Regina Phelps and Dave Kieffer
Cameron Phleger
Cynthia and Randall Pond
Theresa Preston-Werner
Laurel and Gerald Przybylski
Cal and Kitty Qualset
Helen Hilton Raiser
Robin and Arthur Rangel
Elizabeth and Kurt Rieke
Anne and Rick Riley
Traci and Dezz Ropp
Geordan Rosario
Stephen K. Rosenthal
Lisa Ruff and Corey Johnson
Christine and Mark Russell
Kenneth Ryan
Meuy Saephanh
Cynthia Lund and Richard Saffir
Sakana Foundation
Nancy Schlesinger
Patricia and Bruno Schueler
Ryan Wyatt and Karl Schultz
Magda Wesslund and Eric
Nancy Bush and Emil Scoffone
Ms. Giannina Garcia and Mr.
  Jake Scott
Maggie Danielson and Jason
Pamela and John Sebastian
Marilyn Burns and Jeffrey Sellon
Constance Sevier
Billy and Elizabeth Seybold
A. Horton Shapiro
Amy Eskin and Mitchell Shapson
Kathleen and Bart Shepherd
Yvonne Don and Richard Shrieve
Mary Levine and Nancy Sinai
Madeleine Sinclair
J. Patrick Waddell and Franklin
Janai Southworth
Elizabeth and Andrew Spokes
Katherine Copic and Daniel
Leslie and James Stafford
Harise and Peter Staple
Anne Fung and Jeffrey Sternberg
David Stevenson
Robin and Geoffrey Strawbridge
Blossom Strong
Stephen Stuart
Ann and Paul Summers
Lindsey Pitt and Mike Sweeney
Robin and David Sweet
Jennifer Swett
The Tate Family
Linda and Ofer Tenenbaum
Nancy E. Terry
Sarah Chandler and Matt
Katharine S. Thompson
Catherine and Michael Topham
Hope Giles and James Turek
Gene and Suzanne Valla
Margaret Sullivan and William
  Van Dyk
Martin Vanderlaan
Gail and Arne Wagner
Marvalee and David Wake
Mariana and Douglas Wall
Heidi Hansen and Richard
Susan A. West
Lisa and Ted Williams Family
Lilah and Alexander Wolf
Pikfun Leung and Frank Wong
Jack K. Wong
Sharon and Russell Woo
Hiromi Kakiuchi and Roy Wu
Charley and Robert Zeches
Howard Zee
Mei Zuo

Gifts of $1,500 and above

Anonymous (6)
Judy Ackerhalt
Betty and Bruce Alberts
Dwayne Allen
Steve Anderson
Gregory and Francesca
David Arrick
Diane Au
Tena M Taormina and Steve P
Peter Thomas and Millie Basden
Stacey and Robert Basso
Amy Ng and Jason Bau
Sarah and Craig Baum
Erin Beber
Dr. Ava Lee and Mr. David
Rosemary Silva and Lance Berc
Susan and Robert Bernheim
Paul & Sandra Bessieres
Rochelle Beverage
Dr. Hamid Amiri and Dr. Kian
Carol M. Block
Donna and Doug Bohling
Renie Hippler and Dominic
Kristen and Ted Breck
Criselda and Jonathan Breene
Al and Ardis Breslauer
Corinne Bright
Robin and Caroline Brinckerhoff
Jackie and Kenneth Broad
Derek Brown
Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown
Jared Brubaker
Jody Buckley
Sean Burgess
Brett Burley
Rachel Caldwell
Virginia Carder
Jim Carmack
Michael and Jeanie Casey
Joan Varrone and Joseph
Wilson Chan
Ondine Chattan
Hao Cheng
Thomas Ngo and Danny Choi
Andrea and David Clague
Katherine Harbin Clammer and
  Adam Clammer
Lisa Erburu and Mark Cocalis
Antonia Cohen
Debbie and Josh Cohen
Stephen Cole
Nancy and Edward Conner
Katherine Connolly
Christine and Scott Connors
Thomas Cooney
Janelle and Gary Cortese
Penny and James George Coulter
Deborah Maxwell and Charles
Rebecca Cullinan
Christina Sinohui and Michael
Niccolo De Luca
Tina and Ronald DeCloux
Courtney and Owen Dehoff
Megan and John Demeter
H. Louis Detjen, Jr.
David Rosenfeld and Anne
Lauren Dillard
Thao and Jerome Dodson
The Dolby Family
Carol Donohoe
Scott Donohoo
Caroline and Michael Donohue
Mikila and Connor Duke
Maude Dull
Helen Dunlap
Marten Abrahamsen and Jane
Josselyn and Matt Eccleston
Allison and Jesse Eisenhardt
Kristan S. Elman
Ali Esfahani
Margaret and David Estell
Catherine Tai and Sharif Ezzat
Javier Fajardo
Joyce and John Feeney
Melissa and Andrew Felder
Mr. and Ms. John Benjamin
Lexie Fisher George and Mark
Linda Jo Fitz
Lauren and Jamie Ford
Sharon & Bob Ford Foundation
John Fox
Suzanne Markel-Fox and
  Jonathan Fox
Gretchen Frank
Josephine and Brian Freckmann
Alexis and Richard Fried
Stan and Stephanie Garber
Suzanne Garcia
Matthew Dance and Katherine
Marilyn and Bob Garibaldi
Stanlee R. Gatti
Tessa Hill and Brian Gaylord
Jessica Gaynor
Juliet Gee
Charlton Gholson
Ryan Gilbert
Ingrid Gillette
The Gold Family
Valeriote - Goldman Family
John and Gerri Gonzalez
Patricia and Mark Goodman
Erin Gore
Elana and Josh Gralapp
Leah Granger
Laura Grant
William B. Grant

Kristin Gray
Janet and D. Wylie Greig
Gary Grethel
Megan Gridley Mina and
  Michael Gridley
Eric W. Gross and Sarah E. Gross
Ms. Joann Dominguez and Mr.
  Peter M. Gulezian
Gautam Gupta
Kim and Brad Guzules
Charles E. and Anthia L.
Virginia Hammerness
Kimberly and John Harding
Lanny Baker and Samantha
Joesph H. Harris, Jr.
Paul Harvey
Joanna and Remy Hathaway
Margaret C. Hauben
Jill Goldring and Marc Haugen
Carole Hays
Leah and Dennis Hearst
Jennifer Henke
Terry and Larry Hill
Kenneth Himes
Amy Wender-Hoch and John
Tylee Lynn and Jeff Holden
Marny and Andrew Homan
Morgan and Yuanyuan Hough
Elisabeth Houseman
The Hovan Family
Jiang Hu
Roxane and J. George Hume
The Hykes Family
Sarah and Jordan Hymowitz
Ann and John Iannuccillo
Gayle Ing
Margaret and Robert Ippolito
Heather Irwin
Russ Irwin
Yukiko Anonuevo
Sue and David Istock
Rebecca and Lee Jackrel
Hartley Jackson
Beth Scanlan and Eric Jacobs
Matthew James
Patrick S. Jennings
Michael Jensen
Brian Jones
Michael Jones
Monica Reina-Kadner and Noah
Tonya Kaltenbach
Barbara Keck
David M. Kennedy
Nancy Thompson and Andrew
Megan and Matthew Ketchum
Erin Kim
Kenneth Loh and Bridget Kimker
Elizabeth King
Kirk Kirkwood
Chelsea Kohler
Neil Koris
Angela and Eric Korpela
Cyra Koupal
Lauren and Andrew Kowal
John Kriewall
April Kupper
Sheila and Michael Lagios
Randal Lamore
Claire Hudson and Jeff Lanza
Katherine and James Lau
Carrie Lawton
Courtney Leader
Eugene Lee
Jane and Alexander Lee
Jocelyn Tom and John G. Lee
Marilyn and Howard Levine
Lauren and Joshua Lippman
Robert Carr and Andrea LoPinto
Junko and Arnold Low
Michael J. Bennett and Luke M.
Ellen and James Lussier
Andrew M. Lu Tomirski
Emilie Lynch
Lauren Lyon
Kimberly Mahood and Peter Lyu
Emily Maher
In Memory of Zelma and Floyd
  Woods, Betty and Mel Martin
Pierre Masson
Tet Matsuguchi
Jason and Linda May
Rochelle May
Alexa and Anson Mayers
Karin and Gregory McClune
Katherine McDermid
Gary McDonald
William McIvor
Renee and Michael McKenna
Hannah and Thomas McKinley
Janet and Thomas McKinley
Meg and Stu McLaughlin
David McSpadden
Erin Medlin and Andrew G.
The Carol Anicka Mihalik
  Memorial Fund for the San
  Lorenzo Valley
Nancy Milliken
Christina and Tim Millikin
Daniel Milington
Emily and Michael Millman
Derek S. Mitchell Ph.D.
Jason Moment
Kathryn Money
Dominique Monie
Kristin Moody
Peggy and Bill Moorhouse
Noelle Leca and Michael
Bob and Deborah Moskoritz
Mary Murphy
Prathiba Nagaraju
Thomas Alexander and
  Christopher Nathan
Kirsty and Amir Nathoo
Mary Nemerov
Gordon Newman

Justine Nguyen
Susan and Ward Noble
Dimitry Nuyten
Leonie Walker and Kate
Nicolle Oakley
Jessica OBalle
Amy Olson
Barbara and John Osterweis
Ingrid Oyen
Ajitkumar Pagedar
Sung Sim Park
Victor Payan
Lisa and Travis Pearson
Allison Butler and Richard Peers
Benjamin Peretz
David S. Perloff
Erica Perng
Carla Joy Peterman
Elisabeth Peters
Caryl and Roland Petersen
Marianne H. Peterson
Patricia Peper and Roger Phillips
Mercedes Pilgrim
Laurie Poston and Brian Ferrall
Robert B. and Donys D. Powell
Harkirat Randhawa
Julie and Joseph Ratner
Patrick O'Connor
Katherine Reed
Barbara Reid
Thomas Reis
Elizabeth and Robert Reniers
Diane Talbert and Rodger
Julie and Christopher Ridley
Kimberley Stoutamire and Jose
Kristen and Greg Rivers
Beth and Stephen Robie
Lois and Arthur Roth
Jose Armando Ruiz
Elese and James Rundel
Erin and David Russell
Yvette Lanza and David
Liliana Salazar
Ladan and Namdar Saleh
Reuben Sandler
Catherine Sanger
Surbhi Sarna
Greg Sarris
Julia Ward and Adam Savage
Linda and William Schmidt
Michael Schreiber
Jill Robertson and Jason Schulte
Renee and Craig Scott
Joanna and Stephen Seelbach
Emily S. Sellers
Nancy and Greg Serrurier
Ruchira Shah
Diane and Carl Shannon
Harvey and Deborah Shein
Maia Hoover and Conrad Shultz
Judith and Kenneth Siebel
Karen and Scott Siegler
Wendy Sinek
Camelia and Gregory Skikos
Libby Smiley
Meghan Luchi and Jeff Smith
Gary Sorgen
Patrick and Catherine Spalding
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Spaulding
Katherine Orr and Erik Steen
Mary Murphy and Mark Stevens
Scott Stevenson
Rachel Stock
George Sycip
Christine Lemke and Sarah Tavel
Leif Wellington Haase and Leslie
Samuel Test
Sarah and Jay Thayer
Mark and Erin Tiedens
Susan Choe, Tom Tobiason, and
  Delphine Tobiason
Sarah Torbin
Jaime Touchstone
Barry Traub
Siobhan McFeeney and Dennis
Elaine Yokoyama and Toshio
Patricia Valcarcel
Frederick Vallaeys
Melissa Smith and Jeff Van Harte
Aishwarya Venkataraman
Edith and Geerat Vermeij
Paul Violich
Anthony Vo
Zander Lurie and Kristin
Denise Watkins
Carol Boggs and Ward Watt
Marian Beard and Daniel
Courtney and Jake Welch
Virginia Welsh
Nonie Greene and Todd Werby
Jan and Herbert West
Dr. Lisa D. White
Beth Dawson and Greg
Marjorie Whiteside
Lynn Pulliam and James
Catarina Williams
Elise B. Knittle and Quentin
Lisa Lin and Josh Wills
Kelly G. Wiseman
Fukchun Wong
Tony Wong
Polly Tam and Hsien-Chung Woo
Maggie and Tim Woodward
J. Kirke and Patricia Wrench
Sheila and Jerry Wroblewski
Jason Yardi
Chris Young
John and Kathleen Zemaitis
Lily Zheng
Ye Zhu
Jane and Mark Zuercher

Includes contributions from January 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023

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