• Packed dance floor in the Piazza at Party After Dark
  • Two women play a bone xylophone at Party After Dark
  • DJ at the decks at Party After Dark
  • Guests dance in a circle at Party After Dark
  • 9 partygoers crowd into a giant clam for a photo op at Party After Dark
  • Guests cower in terror in front of an animatronic T. rex at Party After Dark

Celebrate and support the Academy's Thriving California initiative at the Bay Area’s best afterparty of the year.

Big Bang: Party After Dark (21+)
Thursday, April 18, 2024 | 8:30 pm-12 am

Join us for a spectacular night of science, exciting live music, tasty bites, craft cocktails, and much more.

Tickets on sale January 2024.

More information to come!


2023 Party After Dark Musical Performers

Rob Garza

Rob Garza
"Musical incarnation is important to me… it hearkens back to my early days and that spark of imagination that makes me want to discover what electronic and pop music can be."

Of the pioneering electronic outfit, Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza blends, merges, and melds together multidimensional music and a convergence of genres. Blurring the lines between "pop" familiarity and electronic esoterica, Garza explores a musical palette with newfound freedom that feels deep and open all at once, yet is undeniable in its accessibility. 

Madame Gandhi

Madame Gandhi
“I enjoy using my public speaking and my live performance to share all these ideas... about bringing people together; about valuing emotional intelligence over brute force aggression; [and] valuing collaboration instead of competition."

Madame Gandhi is an award-winning artist and activist known for her uplifting, percussive electronic music and positive message about gender liberation and personal power. She has been listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Music, and her 2020 TED Talk about conscious music consumption has been viewed over a million times.


2023 Party After Dark Speakers

Marie Christina Kolo at COP27

Marie Christina Kolo
"We are not pitiful people asking for international aid. We are also resilient. Climate change is not a concept; it's a reality."

Marie Christina Kolo is a climate activist, social entrepreneur and ecofeminist from Madagascar. Listed in the TOP100 Women most inspiring and influential women made by BBC in 2022, she won several national and international awards for her strong commitments on climate justice and gender equity. Currently, Kolo is the Indian Ocean Regional Director at the People Power Inclusion NGO, focusing on economical inclusion of the most vulnerable through the green economy. Her social business, Green N Kool, is also a model in the circular economy and the leader of the national platform on Gender and Climate Justice. Finally, as a violence survivor, she founded Women Break the Silence, a movement fighting against rape culture.

Selina Neirok Leem gives a talk

Selina Neirok Leem
"These islands are our ancestors, our predecessors, our homes. We are at the risk of losing all of that for something we contributed very, very little to."

Selina N. Leem, is a climate justice warrior and poet from the Marshall Islands. Crediting her late grandfather for her deep awareness of the fate of her home, she has made it her missions to globally raise awareness on the climate crisis.

Representing the Marshall Islands at 18, Leem was the youngest delegate at the COP21 and delivered the closing statement of their country alongside then Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Tony deBrum. Leem went on to many other global stages to speak on behalf of her people, using storytelling and spoken word. Most recently, becoming a TED speaker at the 2021 TED Countdown Summit.

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